Let us be your Accounting Department.

Why Outsource Your Accounting Department?

Outsourcing your Accounting department can save you time and resources. When we say outsourcing we do not mean sending your financials overseas, but instead, right here at Champagne Bookkeeping and Tax in Leominster, MA. We are an independent service provider who does not need to be paid benefits and insurance. We also work from our own office which saves you resources on office space and utilities/overhead, which can be used to grow your business. So instead of having an Accounting Department of a multiple employees you can save by having us provide you the same services at a much lower cost. The best part is that we are available during business hours to answer any and all questions that you would have about your financials. With QuickBooks online we are able to record payments, pay bills, send weekly AP and AR reports, provide monthly P & L, plus a lot more.​​

What our Full Service Accounting System Includes