Accounting, it’s what we do.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a significant group of educated professionals who combine current technology with practices that have been used in
the accounting and financial industries for years, to create systems and practices that will best suit your business or life. Using the latest in
software, as well as custom made systems we will tailor our services to fit your specific needs. Do not settle for something that is just average,
let us analyze your business and give you the deeper details that can assist in your growth.​


Providing a variety of services specific to your industry or needs, or individual needs. Below is a list of services we provide on a daily basis however, we are always open to assisting in any and all projects as requested.​

  • Individual Tax Preparation – ​Providing income tax preparation for individuals
  • Business Tax Preparation – We estimate the amount of taxable income that the business is likely to generate throughout the year, and periodically remits income tax payments to the government, based on this estimated amount
  • Bookkeeping – Keeping track of your financial records. While we do most of the bookkeeping we allow the company to also have access to the records. We will enter the company’s receipts, invoices, deposits and reconcile their bank statements from month to
  • Accounts Payable Management – Ensuring that bills are paid in a timely and effective manner
  • Managed Accounts Recievable – Creating and tracking invoices as well as developing a system to help your customers pay on time
  • Business Analysis – Analyzing your statements (balance sheet, P & L, etc.) to give you recommendations and help you make smart and informed business decisions
  • Cost Analysis – It is incredibly important to understand where your profit margins are created with every product and service you provide to ensure that you are truly meeting profitability goals
  • Job Costing – Track expenses on a job (materials, labor, overhead, etc.) to asses the best type of services your company can provide to make the most revenue
  • Data Entry – Entry of any and all data (financial, creation of documents, etc.), as well as creation of original internal financial documents
  • Record Creation and Keeping – We track and record transactions and events which is essential providing all of our services correctly and efficiently
  • General Consulting – Using trade based tools we will analyze your company to show you how to improve in certain areas while making sure company goals are met